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FAS-Logo-transparent…designed for music lovers who appreciate the highest levels of artistry, performance, skill and production values. Nothing is more fun than introducing our listeners and visitors to music, artists and experiences. Some of the music in FAS playlist is new, some is old and never received widespread distribution/airplay on broadcast radio. But most of the tracks are just great music from Fusion and all the genres of Jazz. Somehow, these tracks sound as good now, as they ever have.

Fusion At Sunset

Downshift, reflect and recharge, with the total spectrum of Jazz. Fusion At Sunset

Music & Conversation

Fusion At Sunset is Jazz and opinions from a different perspective, thinking about different things in different ways. And, keeping it real, sometimes awkwardly but necessary for growth.

HD Audio Stream

So kick back, plug-in the headphones or crank up the home theater system; Enjoy Fusion At Sunset’s HD stream, from your desk-top, phone, or car.


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My music is the spiritual expression of what I am – my faith, my knowledge, my being … When you begin to see the possibilities of music, you desire to do something really good for people, to help humanity free itself from its hangups … I want to speak to their souls.
John Coltrane

Nothing is out of the question for me. I’m always thinking about creating. My future starts when I wake up in the morning and see the light…Then I’m grateful.
Miles Davis

Funk is fun. And it’s also a state of mind, … But it’s all the ramifications of that state of mind. Once you’ve done the best you can, funk it!
George Clinton

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